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Created on 2012-01-20 09:55:07 (#1438101), last updated 2012-08-28 (264 weeks ago)

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Name:Fandom talks meta
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for sharing links to meta about fandom related subjects.
This community aims to fill the void left by [ profile] metafandom and to encourage discussion about fandom and fannish things. Instead of one person collecting links, this community is open for all to post links to their meta to invite others to read and discuss it.

Please read the all the rules before posting or commenting.


01. The link must be somehow relevant to fandom and/or fannish activities. A post about Livejournal, for example, does not belong here unless it discusses LJ specifically from a fannish point of view. Both multifandom and fandom-specific meta are allowed, as is meta about fandom itself.

02. The linked posts do not have to be on DW or LJ, but they must have some kind of feature for leaving comments.

03. Only post links to your own meta. If you do not have a DW account, you can ask a friend to post a link for you, but in that case they must state in the post that they are doing it at your permission.

04. No racist/sexist/ableist/homophobic/transphobic etc. language. This should be obvious.

05. No personal attacks. If your whole post is nothing but a diatribe about that one fan who does everything wrong, do not post it here. Writers, creators, etc. are fair game as long as you discuss their works rather than their personal qualities. "Steven Moffat's works are misogynistic" is OK, "Steven Moffat is a vile misogynist" is not.

06. No rants. If the sole purpose of your post is to vent, do not link it here. This community is meant to encourage discussion, and rants rarely do that.

07. No episode etc. reviews, unless they discuss with some wider themes as well.

10. By linking your post here you understand that people will read it and possibly comment and link to it, and that they may not all agree with you.

11. You are allowed delete your post if you want to do so.


01. Do not leave comments in the posts here. Go to the link given to discuss the meta.

02. Respect the rules of the poster's journal. If they say no anon comments, that means no anon comments. If they say they don't want to educate people, google before asking questions. Don't be an ass.

03. If you cannot respond within the rules set by the poster, walk away or make your own post in your journal and link it here. Just understand that the original poster has no obligation to react to or even read your post.

04. No playing fandom police. If you think that someone is breaking the rules, trolling, or otherwise acting inappropriately, PM the mod account or leave a comment in this post. Do not engage.


Use the following posting template:

Summary: Short summary of what the meta is about.
Subject: Generic, multifandom, or fandom specific?
Warnings: Does your meta contain discussion of any triggery subjects such as non-con/rape, incest, violence, etc? Include also a warning if your post is image-heavy or contants non-worksafe content.
Other comments:


PM the mod account or leave a comment in this post.


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